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BetterStretch is simple- schedule your appointment, come in, get stretched out and leave feeling great!  However, if you're in to details please see below for answers to common questions.

  • What should I wear?
    We reommend wearing loose fitting clothing. Shorts and a tank top (or something similar) work great. You'll remove your shoes for the session.
  • Are sessions one on one?
    Yes. You will have 1 stretch coach working with you only throughout the entire session. We will communicate throughout the session to better get to know you and your body.
  • Does the stretching hurt?
    No. You should not experience pain during a session. There will be tightness and stretching. It's important that you let your stretch coach know if you are feeling pain. Some clients will experience some soreness after a session. This is a normal response to elongating soft tissue and making positive changes to your body.
  • Should I warm up before a stretch session?
    Not necessary. The BetterStretch session incorporates an active and passive warm up.
  • Is BetterStretch the same as massage?
    While both BetterStretch and massage feel great, massage does not elongate muscle tissue in order to improve flexibility. BetterStretch takes a functional approach to addressing muscular imbalances caused by poor posture, inactivity, and the stress of high intensity training and competition. The benefits of BetterStretch are longer lasting and meant to improve the funtioning of your body.
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