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Stretch Smarter,
Not Harder
North Austin's best, first & only stretc

BetterStretch is an innovative approach to improving flexibility and mobility.  Our program is truly unique and original.  BetterStretch was developed by a doctor of physical therapy, based years of experience and research.  PT’s specialize in getting people moving and feeling better. 

With its roots in physical therapy, BetterStretch was developed with the goal of bringing the skills and knowledge of PT’s to everyone.  We’ll assure you that this is not the stretching you’re familiar with.  Experience our specialized stretching techniques and joint mobilizations and you’ll feel the difference!  One of the primary advantages of this type of assisted stretching is that the benefits are meant to last and will contribute to improved postural alignment and improved mobility.  That means your body will more naturally move with ease, feel younger and have more energy! 

Our team is here to help you

BetterLive the life you love!

BetterStretch Sessions


Simply Choose: 

  • 30 minute session

  • 60 minute session

Sessions are individualized so prepare to enjoy a variety of the most effective stretching and mobilization techniques based on what your body needs.

Dr. House, PT,

Exercise has never

felt so good!


Better to Bend than break.


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